Thursday, April 29, 2010

Davao is Alive!

Today marks yet another chronicle of the beautiful Davao. My last post was almost two years ago. Two years ago when I almost lost interest in Davao. Seems like yesterday, though. Stories have to be told, experiences have to be shared. For I was once blinded by the glitters the other world had offered. I had embraced it and made it mine. But here I am again! Again! I will tell the world how beautiful Davao is! How lovely this place is! The grand exodus of all dreams!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Honestly? I forgot Davao

I'm still not over the fact that I have learnt to love what i had in Japan. Yes, i'm getting there. To love Davao again.

it could have been perfect
what could have been nice
could have been wonderful
but it shouldn't be
and i wouldn't die for it
yet, couldn't even live without it
should i get moving?
breathing all along
living the way it is
the way it is supposed to be
Sigh at the end
accepting the consequence
what could have been
what should have been
but i shouldn't
Yet, i would
i shall go for it
i would!

Sober at Caffe Firenzo

When lightning strikes, mushroom sprouts. Coffee shops in Davao sprout like mushrooms do... minus the lightning. However, only a few meets the buds of the slightly picky ones. (Have you checked out Fagioli? What about the full-bodied Para Tomar coffee stand in NCCC Mall?)

I have discovered a new coffee shop for people like me, the choosy ones. Not quite better than the rest but cozy and promising. They have a spacious room for the smokers, too.

Check Caffe Firenzo, here in chic Damosa and grab their Cappuccino.

Monday, May 12, 2008

In Japan

why oh i'm here again. lucky are those who are given the chance to travel and explore the wonders of the other side.

Have you ever heard of someone saying, `i'll go to Japan to relax and have fun'? strange for sure. so consider me strange for now. i'm in Japan and enjoying every bit of it. How come the people get so fashionably cool here?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome to Fagioli!

Yesterday I was bored rigid, perhaps jaded after a work on a rather gloomy Saturday. Luckily, in this Northern part of Davao, where I work, various restaurants and chic coffee shops emerge. (It wasn’t like these 2 years ago. Thanks to the gleaming idea of ANFLOCOR and the people behind Damosa in transforming Lanang Avenue into a chic destination). There I was cozy as I snug in leatherette chair in a nearby coffee shop called FAGIOLI. The interiors were as welcoming as the well-mannered staff. The restroom, which is unisex, is amusing. The interiors were charming you’d forget you were inside a room you are to do Number 2. The strips of tree bark were surprisingly converted into elegant walling as it matched live plants beside a giant mirror.

Oh, it’s a coffee shop anyway. I would never fail to mention that their coffee is superb. (I’m finicky over the choice of coffee served to me) Try Fagiomalt and a cheese bar on the side. Perfect combination. For the hungry, grab their best-selling Putanesca. For that, I’d give Fagioli a 9! (Parking space is ample and Wifi connection whips)

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Love Davao

There is beyond the usual Durian and white-sand beaches that makes a visit to Davao a fĂȘte. I have been living in Davao for almost 3 decades now and Davao never fails to mesmerize me with its grandeur and subtleties. Thus, I woke up one day and an urge poke on me that I should put pen to paper what makes Davao beautiful. Not the usual.